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Meijer 101: How to Use Coupons at Meijer + Updated Coupon Policy

by Jennifer on July 7, 2012  (This post may contain affiliate links. Read my disclosure policy here)

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  • Meijer allows the stacking of one Meijer store coupon with one manufacturer coupon on the same item.
  • Many Meijer stores will double manufacturer coupons up to $0.50, meaning a $0.50 coupon will actually ring up as $1.00, but a $0.55 or $0.75 coupon (for example) will stay at face value.  Meijer store coupons are always face value.  (UPDATE:  Meijer stores in the Michiana area are no longer doubling coupons).
  • Some Meijer stores limit the amount of exact same manufacturer coupons they will double (often two) in the same transaction.
  • Meijer no longer allows multiple transactions to avoid coupon stacking restrictions (although this varies by store).
  • Meijer accepts coupons from major competitors (although this varies by store as far as which ones they accept).  For example, some stores will accept “Target coupons” while others will accept only coupons that say “Redeemable only at Target” – so your success with his may vary depending on what store you are shopping at.
  • Meijer’s coupon policy states that they do not give overage.  If you have a coupon or coupons that total more than the item you are buying, they will adjust the coupon(s) so that the item is free.
  • Meijer currently has electronic coupons called mPerks coupons.  MPerks coupons can either be clipped online or directly on your phone (  These coupons are attached to your cell phone number (entered at checkout).  MPerks coupons may only be clipped and used once per cell phone number.  If you have more than one cell phone in your family – you may want to have more than one mPerks account!
  • Mperks coupons NEVER double – they are ALL face value coupons.
  • An mPerks coupon can be either a Store Coupon or a Manufacturer Coupon.  Just look on the very bottom of the mPerks coupon – it will say whether it is a Manufacturer Coupon or a Store Coupon.
  • Meijer store coupons CAN be combined with paper manufacturer coupons.  However, if the mPerks coupon is a manufacturer coupon you CANNOT combine it with a paper manufacturer coupon.  You may NOT want to clip a coupon that is a manufacturer coupon in your mPerks account IF you have a paper manufacturer coupon that is of higher value.  Remember, ONLY paper manufacturer coupons will double at Meijer (if your Meijer doubles coupons – see above), so a paper manufacturer coupon is often of higher value (after doubling) than an mPerks manufacturer coupon.  Entering your mPerks number at checkout will automatically deduct any coupons you have electronically clipped (and again, you cannot use two manufacturer coupons for the same item) so you want to make sure to use the coupon that is the higher amount.
Note:  For those of you wondering what happened to Meijer Mealbox coupons, they seem to have permanently done away with that program and are now using only mPerks for store coupons.  Again, if you have more than one cell phone in your family, it would be super dough savvy to sign them ALL up for an mPerks account!

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