Meijer 101

  • Meijer allows the stacking of one Meijer coupon with one manufacturer coupon on the same item.
  • Many Meijer stores will double manufacturer coupons up to $0.50, meaning a $0.50 coupon will actually ring up as $1.00, but a $0.55 or $0.75 coupon (for example) will stay at face value.
  • Some Meijer stores limit the amount of exact same coupons that will double (often two) in the same transaction.  You may want to do seperate transactions if you have more than two of the same coupon that you would like to double.
  • Meijer coupons are either Meijer Mealbox or mPerks coupons.  Meijer Mealbox coupons need to be printed out whereas mPerks coupons are clipped online and attached to your cell phone number (entered at checkout). You may print out as many of the same Meijer Mealbox coupon as you like, but mPerks coupons may only be used once each.  These coupons change on a weekly basis.  Sign up to So Dough Savvy’s newsletter to get free reminders about Meijer and coupon matchups!
  • Some mPerks coupons are actually manufacturer coupons.  If you put your mouse over the Terms, you will see the difference.  If it is a Meijer store coupon it will say, “No cash back.  Not to be combined with any other Meijer Discount coupons…” These CAN be combined with paper manufacturer coupons.  If it is a manufacturer coupon you CANNOT combine it with a paper manufacturer coupon.  You may not want to clip a coupon that is a manufacturer coupon if you have a paper one that is of higher value as entering your mPerks number at checkout will automatically deduct any coupons you have clipped (and again, you cannot use two manufacturer coupons for the same item).
Meijer Mealbox Printing Tips:
Click on “Specials”. Then click “Add to Shopping List” and “OK” for all the coupons you would like. After you have added all you want, click “Shopping List” and “Print List”. Uncheck “Shopping List” if you only want to print the coupons. “Print as PDF” to save paper!